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Axis Tanks and Combat Vehicles of World War II: Axis T Use

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VGT Gun: First of all, not much known about this project, because most of its documentation were lost during the war. The only historically accurate drawns were made by Attila Bonhardt? Nothing known about the exterior of this TD yet. However, this plan was rejected by the HTI, because according to the experts, the difficulty and cost of production was not proportionate to the combat value of the vehicle.

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It was way too heavy, and times more expensive than a regular AFV e. M 80mm AA gun, or the Even though the experts still said that this plan is too expensive and impractical, Bartha has commissioned Sebeny to create a semi-automatic loading mechanism a similar pattern of the AA gun to the In April , on a meeting with the experts of the HTI, Szebeny presented the plans of the new cannon and its carrier:. The experts complained again.. So the military leaderboard rejected the plan again..

L3 (kisharckocsi)

Without the rotating turret, it would make the fight against aerial targets very difficult, - the first, mass produced series of vehicle would only been produced by the end of M 80mm licenced Skoda? That gun mantlet design looks fascinating.

Anyway lets prey WG will give alot of love towards the EU tree. Not on the topic… Do you still plan to prepare the post with the best WG employees lightbulb changing jokes? WG employees are busy enough screwing playerbase.


Looks like a cool little tank, i liked the marder 2, and i quite like the look of this. I would rather like to give this little tank a try.

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Has WG said anything about the EU line? Just wondering if its something on their radar and they are considering its possibility. Or are their heads firmly burried in sand like they can all too oftern be? Toldi I light tank However, Toldi I tanks could not be upgraded, so the Hungarian engineers had to figure out a different way to make the Toldi I useful again. The main reasons probably were: - the weak and unreliable torsion bars of the Toldi I, - the unfortunate design, because it was tall and narrow, and with the heavy gun mounted high, its center of gravity was quite high not to mention the ammorack.

Radio: no data ppl complaining about range of radio WG: working as intended.