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Double sets of stairs lead to a terrace, above which rises the foot-tall obelisk. At the corners of the shaft, large pedestals serve as bases for four bronze sculpture groups, each representing one of the four Civil War military services—infantry, artillery, cavalry, and navy. Capitol in Washington, D.

Interior rooms of the Tomb are finished in highly polished marble trimmed with bronze. The south entrance opens into a rotunda, where hallways lead to the burial chamber. The remains of President Lincoln and his son Willie were placed in the receiving vault from May 4 through December 21, From December 21, through September 19, , the remains of the President and two of his sons, Eddie and Willie, were moved into a temporary above-ground tomb constructed on the northeast side of the hill where the current tomb now stands.

Mary Lincoln died at her sister's home in Springfield on July 16, She was laid to rest with her martyred husband and dear sons a few days later. The intruder, of course, was the actor and Confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth. Major Rathbone tried to tackle Booth down but the assassin overpowered him by slashing his arm with a dagger.

He somehow managed to limp away and exit through the stage door, thus initiating one of the most intense manhunts in American history. Instead, it is the hours of agony the wounded president endured before finally succumbing early on the morning on April As members of the audience cried out that the president had been murdered and shouted pleas to catch and kill the escaping culprit, the first doctor to attend Lincoln was a year-old Army captain named Charles A. He had just received his medical degree six weeks earlier, on March 1, from the Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York, widely regarded as one of the best in the nation.

Sending out for some brandy and water, Dr. I placed my finger on his right radial pulse but could perceive no movement of the artery. This maneuver may seem shocking to a 21st century observer but in the days before doctors knew anything about microbiology, let alone sterile surgical technique, it was a common practice for examining gunshot wounds.

Leale quickly determined that this was a mortal wound.

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By this time, two other doctors, C. Taft and A. There, he was taken upstairs to rest in the room of a Union soldier named William T. Clark, who was out for the evening. National Archives. Leale wrote only a few hours after President Lincoln died. In fact, there are seven extant accounts by Leale, five dating from , one from , and another from Each version is similar, albeit each contains some variations and slight differences of terminology and tone. Yet many Lincoln scholars have deemed the Papaioannou document to be the most reliable version because it was written so closely after the actual events.

The bed is a replica; the actual deathbed was acquired by the Chicago History Museum in The surgeons attempted to probe the wound by introducing surgical instruments and their unwashed hands into the bullet hole with the hope of extracting the lead ball and dislodged pieces of bone.

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Leale wrote: At a. At a.

The inspirations now became very short, and the expirations very prolonged and labored accompanied by a guttural sound. The Surgeon General Joseph K.

Barnes now held his finger to the carotid artery, Col. What we know of his life before politics comes primarily from those who knew him. Lincoln seldom spoke of his life as a young boy growing up in the wilderness of Kentucky and Indiana, losing his mother at a young age and his first business ventures. Even less is commonly known of his private life as a husband and father.

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Those close to Lincoln often commented that he seldom spoke of his life before he became president. Family, friends, colleagues and even enemies have left behind their own accounts of Lincoln, told from their own viewpoints.

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Among them, some of the answers can be found regarding the conditions that moulded Abraham Lincoln into one of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States, if not the world. Drawing of log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born. For generations, the life of Abraham Lincoln has been passed along to American schoolchildren as a motivational story of how hard work, honesty and perseverance can lead to great things.

The traditional Lincoln legend goes something like this.


Lincoln grew up in a log cabin in Kentucky. His family was poor and he educated himself by walking miles to the homes of neighbours to borrow books. As an adult, he fostered a reputation for honesty and fairness which continued to follow him throughout his life.

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It was his natural likeability and talent for oration that led him into politics. This was the beginning of the road that would lead Lincoln to the White House known as the Executive Mansion. Lincoln was the namesake of his grandfather, Abraham Lincoln, who had come to the wilderness that was then Kentucky. There, a man with little or nothing could carve out his own life for himself and his family.

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The first Abe Lincoln in Kentucky was able to purchase a large tract of wilderness acreage. Unfortunately, he would not live to make his family rich. While clearing land with his three sons in , he was killed by Indians. As one brother, Josiah, ran for help, the eldest, Mordecai, ran to the family homestead where he grabbed a rifle.

He held off the Indians until help arrived.