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Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. He quickly developed this insight into a powerful and intuitively natural approach to mathematical analysis that he named nonstandard analysis.

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Nonstandard analysis is one of the few innovations in logic that were entirely the work of a single individual. Not long before his death, Robinson collaborated with the number theorist Peter Roquette to apply model-theoretic methods in number theory. This work gave a first hint of the deep interactions between model theory and diophantine geometry that came to light in the s, sadly too late for Robinson to contribute. In fact, Robinson died before he could take on board the stability theory pioneered by Michael Morley and Saharon Shelah, though his students, Greg Cherlin and Carol Wood, did contribute to this field, bringing with them Robinson's lifelong eagerness to apply model theory to algebra, algebraic geometry , and mathematics in general.


Though unable himself to believe in any kind of existence for infinite totalities, he strongly defended the right of mathematicians to proceed as if such totalities exist. His discussion Robinson of mathematical and epistemological considerations that favor one or another of the traditional views in philosophy of mathematics is thoughtful but seems not to reveal a thoroughly worked out position.

His anti-Platonistic attitude may have helped him to create nonstandard analysis by allowing him to be relaxed about what the "real" real numbers are. In Robinson's Selected Papers , the bibliography lists ten books, more than a hundred papers, and a film. One in seven of his papers are in wing theory and aeronautics. Dauben, Joseph W.

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Robinson, Abraham. Bar-Hillel, — Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland, Introduction to Model Theory and to the Metamathematics of Algebra.

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