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Enhance diagnostic capabilities with protected high-side drivers

Biosensors as environmental monitors. In: Mitchell R, editor. Environmental Microbiology. Wiley; Oxford, UK: Caceres CA. Biomedical Telemetry. Wanlass FM. May 12, Patent 3,,,. Formation of a porous alumina electrode as a low-cost CMOS neuronal interface. B Chem. An overview of foodborne pathogen detection: In the perspective of biosensors.

What Is An Integrated Circuit (IC)

A conductometric biosensor for biosecurity. Escherichia coli detection in vegetable food by a potentiometric biosensor. Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience. Investigation of the spatial resolution of the light-addressable potentiometric sensor.

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Status Solid A. Keese CR, Giaever I. A biosensor that monitors cell morphology with electrical fields. IEEE Eng. Development of a piezoelectric sensor for the detection of methamphetamine.

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Phage coated magnetoelastic micro-biosensors for real-time detection of Bacillus anthracis spores. Jang B, Hassibi A. IEEE Trans. Recent development in optical fiber biosensors. Evaluation process for semiconductor fabrication materials that are better for the environment.

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Intuitive Analog Circuit Design

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Intuitive IC Electronics: A Sophisticated Primer for Engineers and Technicians

Bridging the gap—biocompatibility of microelectronic materials. Acta Biomater. Silicon Sensors for Use in Catheters.

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The first surface micromachined pressure sensor for cardiovascular pressure. A flexible micromachined electrode array for a cochlear prosthesis. A Phys. Integrated circuit amplifiers for multi-electrode intracortical recording. Neural Eng. Active pixel sensor array for high spatio-temporal resolution electrophysiological recordings from single cell to large scale neuronal networks.

Lab Chip. Hierlemann A. Procedia Chem.

CMOS microelectrode array for electrochemicallab-on-a-chip applications. IEEE Sens. A multi-channel platform for recording and stimulation of large neuronal structures. Single-chip microelectronic system to interface with living cells. A low noise multichannel integrated circuit for recording neuronal signals using microelectrode arrays. Rieger R, Taylor JT. Design strategies for multi-channel low-noise recording systems. Analog Integr.