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I find myself in the driveway and not allowed to enter because another family is living there…. Revert talk about that on a show? My dreams of late are ones that will connect to another already drempt dream.

1. You Forget 90% of Your Dreams

Like pieces of a puzzle being put together. They fringe on the edge of one another.

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After awakening after such dreams they stay with me for awhile. Not all my dreams belong to that puzzle. Ive dreamt about a house I lived in and as I explained they are all different but come in segments that have been a part of each dream. I have noticed that the events in my dreams about this house never happened in real life but all people and structures, landscaping were real in real life.

The dreams extend on where I might be driving on a freeway and exit to go home to that house and find myself lost and traveling thru a neighborhood close to that house. In real life, this house is definitely haunted. Not bright and beautiful like a zoo, but dark and sad. The night before last, I was in love with someone who I never met and when I woke up, I was horrible sad.

Quality dreaming is restorative

I woke up several times in the night because my son kept getting up. Once I was really awake, I was watching a show and felt super attached to one of the characters who resembled the person in my dream. I dream of the house I lived in with my ex husband, I sleep in our bed with my new boyfriend. That was it. I only moved out of my house almost 2 years ago, but we lived in that house for 28 years.

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I just want to know why I keep dreaming about that home. Anywhere you exchange breadth with becomes first in line with what can show up in your dream. You exchanged breadth and walked bare footedly in this house. It becomes a place where deposits of you have been invested. The spiritual foundation of that place can affect your destiny for good or otherwise.


For example if there is an embargo of fulfilment placed on anyone who lives more than a day under that roof; then you may be under its influence. However, it dosent hurt to renounce any embargo or limit placed upon your life by any dwelling, using the name of Jesus. A name which is above any name. I have recurging dreams about going to places I used to live apartment, dorm, hotel in Mexico!

I usually hide somewhere in the house when I hear them return, and then wake up before they find me. This has been happening off and on for 3 years…. Everything you said made sence and you was right. Im impressed. I will work on what i need to do.

Dreaming Of A Baby Boy

Thank you for helping me see where and what i need to work on. I dreamed about a house i had to move out of when i was 11 back in becuase my dad Did something very bad. I looked at the house on google earth and it looked like it got fixed more and there was a new fence on the back and The yard looked like it was modtly grass instead of rocks. In the front yard there were black travel bags and insde them were old clothes i have not seen in years since we moved from there and The bags were outside all the time so they were dirty.

Omgosh I am having the same dream except my ex fiance is in it also and we are renovating the house. The main room we were in was the dining room. I did become anxious when I thought he had left, but he was just in another room.

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Ugh that house makes me feel so happy and I miss it so much. My ex just recently started talking to me again more than usual because he left his wife about a month ago. We still talked while they were together, but not this much. Ugh wish I knew what this dream was about.

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I keep having the same dream about my old house.. Every dream I have in that house there is a bad thing, like a ghost, monster, or dinosaur or even I was in jail.. I always find a way to defeat it, but I wake up before I know if I actually succeed or not.. I have a recurring dream of returning to my apt. I also visit my old job there and my co workers distance from me. I was alone living there but happier there than I am in my hometown. The culture here I do not like.

Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! This lazy panda forgot to write something about itself. I have definitely dreamed of made-up faces. For example, I once dreamed of a cruel old lady with a thimble-shaped nose. Didn't look like anyone you'd find in real life, and didn't look like any character I've seen. Wonder where this 'fact' was pulled from. My dreams are vivid. I dream all the time of faces I have never seen before.

Sometimes so clearly that I could easily draw them. I would know if I had seen them before. Also it could be a face from a cartoon, which your brain used as a base to create the face. Our brain can manipulate faces but not generate new. That face was first and so far only seen in that dream. Maybe I'm special and one of the few people on earth who has an imagination that works during sleep. Too bad for everyone else. Could be someone you've seen on TV or from a trailer. A face you remember must not come from real life. Since our brain is incapable from creating faces. Theres too many details in a face for our brain to generate.

Very wrong as an artist myself I'm more than than capable of creating a face from nothing more than a piece of cloth and paint. Dreams are a powerful tool for bringing back forgotten memories. Hahaha, I'd love to see your research.

Actually the places created are based on things you've seen. Think of all cool buildings you've seen and then the ground from alot of places are ingredients and your dream is the kettle, then those ingredients get mashed together and form something new, it's still something new but it's based on things you've seen.

When you see something it could be a memory forgotten but not lost as welll. Dreams are a powerful tool to bring back forgotten memories.