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The book has the potential to become a basic reference in this field. Stunning recent results by Host—Kra, Green—Tao, and others, highlight the timeliness of this systematic introduction to classical ergodic theory using the tools of operator theory.

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Assuming no prior exposure to ergodic theory, this book provides a modern foundation for introductory courses on ergodic theory, especially for students or researchers with an interest in functional analysis. While basic analytic notions and results are reviewed in several appendices, more advanced operator theoretic topics are developed in detail, even beyond their immediate connection with ergodic theory.

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As a consequence, the book is also suitable for advanced or special-topic courses on functional analysis with applications to ergodic theory. Versand: Gratis Innerhalb Deutschland. In den Warenkorb. Buchbeschreibung Springer-Verlag Gmbh Nov , Zustand: Neu.


Let K be a compact space, let be a commutative semigroup of self-homeomorphisms of K acting minimally on K, let and let be an IP set. Then for every open set we have Proof. Let be an open set. Since is closed and invariant under the action of , it must be empty by minimality of the action.

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By compactness there are such that. Einsiedler and T.

Corrected reprint of the original. Kuipers and H. Van Nostrand Co. Download sample. Skip to content. Beyond its use in the classroom, Operator Theoretic Aspects of Ergodic Theory can serve as a valuable foundation for doing research at the intersection of ergodic theory and operator theory.