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1. Introduction

Compassion describes him as a function of the universe, and he certainly proves her right when he hands over his one advantage, his gun, to get Makkersvil to trust him and thus save lives. There are two fabulous moments where he proves his unpredictability, he tickle tortures Jessen for the information he requires and he scares the crap out Jedkah by leaping back from the dead just as he was about to dissect him.

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And just to make life interesting, the Doctor has to destroy a world to save the day. Scruffy Git: Oh. First he has it off with a married woman, then he cheats on her with a sweet bit of skirt he meets on the way home from work and then he cheats on her with some trussed up tart from the local bar!

Doc Oho's Reviews: Parallel 59 by Natalie Dellaire and Stephen Cole

Anya, Fillipa and Denna, failed romances number s five, six and seven! It is beautiful watching Fitz sink deeper and deeper into trouble, as his women all converge as Mechta starts coming apart. Saying that there is some lovely development of Fitz here, he constantly feels like he is an Englishman abroad travelling with the Doctor and finds he misses his effect on people when trapped in Mechta.

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  • Doctor Who: Parallel 59 by Stephen Cole, Natalie Dallaire (Paperback, 2000).
  • There are little details wrong in his personality and he fears the TARDIS has left some gaps, for example he cannot remember his dreams anymore whereas as the old Fitz the real one used to love pulling them apart in the mornings. He feels he has the ability to shag up as in ruin every place he visits. Who said there was no follow up on Interference's developments?

    Stroppy Redhead: Described as touching the world at a distance, she feels she barely knows who she is anymore. She is terrified of the implications when she destroys the analysis machine in Parallel 59 and runs away from the Doctor when he tries to confront her about her changes. He admits he wants Compassion to start caring and when the adventure is over, after she has been immersed in the mind torture environment of the bastions, she clings onto the Doctor for support. She feels being close to the Doctor, doing the right thing, is liberating her. The second Fitz realised he has landed in a utopian paradise I cringed…it had to all go horribly wrong.

    The Yve-Makkersvil-Jessen triangle is fascinating Yve keeps Makkersvil a low level worker just so she can be close to him, Jessen tries to get Makkersvil killed during interrogation because she loves him…. Do not abuse the service.

    Doctor Who's Parallel Universes

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    Doctor Who, 030: Parallel 59

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